The PASCAL Board

PASCAL is overseen by a board. We technically have to be to be a nonprofit organization. Those board members serve two year terms and are self-governed, meaning new board members are voted for, and current board members can be reaffirmed by, the current board. Board members serve staggered two year terms, with no specific term limit.

Our board meetings are typically held at least once a month, usually in the hackerspace itself. If you’d like to attend a board meeting, just shoot an email to, and we’ll tell you when/where the next one is.

Current Board of PASCAL

Brett “Bits” Aulabaugh
Board President

(Currently engaged in Megaman Battle Network hacking.)

Board Secretary

> (Fabricate Backstory)

Dick Temple
Board Treasurer

> (Add padding)


> (Copypasta for the ages)

Lucy Aulabaugh

> (Install with ‘curl | sudo sh’ )


> (Quantum word rearrangement commences. All of the backstories that have ever been or ever could be suddenly exist simultaneously)